Born in Wigan, UK, and educated by the Irish Christian Brothers -who were anything but Christian- I studied Fine Art at Coventry College of Art and Liverpool College of Art, then taught the subject on Merseyside for a number of years. Growing disillusioned with that profession, I then found employment with National Museums Liverpool, working at the Walker Art Gallery, the Museum of Liverpool, Sudley House Art Gallery and the Lady Lever Art Gallery.

At the same time that I grew disillusioned with the teaching of art, I also became dissatisfied with art in general -have you seen the crap that passes for art these days?- and turned to writing as a preferred means of expression. Work encompassing a variety genres has been published in the UK and the USA, and has been included in anthologies edited by Adam Nevil, Maxim Jakubowski and Jeani Rector.

I presently live in Zamora, Spain, a town whose Wikipedia claim to fame is that it has more Romanesque churches than any other place in Europe.


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