The Garden of Earthly Delights

If it can be imagined, then it can exist; what might only be pictured in this world can take on a tangible reality in another... the Kingdom of Beulah. Introduced to this unpredictable world of constant flux and change, Griff and Anna find themselves imbued with an awesome power- a mastery of the Afflatus, the Ignis Fatuus, the essence behind all creativity. With it they could bind the Kingdom, as most would hope, or tear it apart, as others would prefer. Their quest, towards whichever of these ends will prevail, takes them from the Isle of Venus to the Temeraire Mountains, through the Scented Land to the fabled cities of San Romano and Golgonooza and then beyond... to the Garden of Earthly Delights itself.I'm a paragraph. 

The Lonely Hearts Club Band

It was twenty years ago today...Liverpool, a place of promise and opportunity, but Billy Shears is still living in the past, treasuring those memories of twenty years ago and realising that they are receding day by day. It was a past he enjoyed and would like to relive, that time when he knew the Beatles. There are others, though, who regret their pasts, who look to the future instead... Mr Kite anticipating retirement spent with the young wife of a colleague... 16 year old Lucy, she's leaving home to make a new life for herself... Dougie, the young hustler, about to renounce his evil ways and devote himself to lovely Rita.

Mary's Little Lamb

Everywhere that Mary went... there was someone stalking her, dogging her every step, haunting her life.

When Mary Turner asks her husband for a divorce he readily agrees. Out of love for her, he says. Her happiness is all he wants, and if she can only be happy without him then so be it. But can a divorce ever be so amicable? Her husband has gone from her life, but in a sense is still there. Watching her, following her. Or is it just paranoia on her part to think this?


"Mary´s Little Lamb" is a psychological thriller, a cautionary tale of the danger which can follow when a love is spurned.

An Eternity To Come

The Second Coming and where would a reluctant Son of God prefer to go? The Court of the Sun King? Chicago of the Roaring Twenties? London in the Swinging Sixties? Instead he finds himself reborn in Africa, the Dark Continent. So where next? And how will a modern world welcome an innocent, a man who seems fated to remain free from sin?


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